What Are Essential Oils And Why Do We Use Them?

What Are Essential Oils And Why Do We Use Them?

What are essential oils and what are they used for?

Although essential oils have been used in aromatherapy for years as a form of alternative medicine, their popularity in beauty products is continually on the rise due to their wellbeing benefits. Essential oils are liquid extracts of plants which are created through steaming or cold pressing to get their fragrance. There are various essential oils used in beauty products, which are used for their different health and skin benefits as well as their natural fragrances. The best way to use essential oils is to look at the wellness benefits of different oils and choose beauty products that contain these. Essential oils are not only good for keeping your skin healthy, but they can positively affect your mood and environment. For example, lavender oil is great for helping you drift off to sleep, whereas peppermint oil is great for increasing alertness.

What essential oils do we use in our products?

Each of our six Grace Cole fragrance collections contain carefully selected essential oils which are chosen for their individual wellness benefits. Keep reading below to hear about the essential oils in each product range to help you choose the perfect one for you.

Vanilla Blush & Peony

The Grace Cole Vanilla Blush & Peony collection contains a calming blend of essential oils including patchouli, citrus and cedarwood to soothe your mood and space. Patchouli and cedarwood oils are both known for their woody and sweet scent and bring a grounding and calming effect to your mood. This combined with citrus oils such as orange, lemon and grapefruit bring a fresh and invigorating scent, perfect for combating winter blues.

Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit

The Grace Cole Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit fragrance collection contains an energising blend of essential oils to uplift and balance any space, including orange oil which allows you to restore calmness and alleviate anxieties. Also combined with thyme oil which has a stimulating aroma to promote a sense of alertness. Thyme oil is also great for maintaining the skin’s youthfulness due to its antioxidant properties.

White Nectarine & Pear

The Grace Cole White Nectarine & Pear fragrance collection contains a restorative blend of essential oils to uplift and balance your mood and environment. Geranium oil features heavily within this range, which has a beautiful and delicate floral scent. There are many benefits to geranium due to it being a natural antioxidant and its ability to actively boost the skins natural glow, making it a popular ingredient in beauty products. Citronella oil is another essential oil in this range, known for its cleansing and refreshing properties.

Ginger Lily & Mandarin

The Grace Cole Ginger Lily & Mandarin fragrance collection contains essential oils of mandarin which is calming yet still uplifting and cheerful, helping to lift low mood and anxiety. Also combined with jasmine oil, which comes from tiny white flowers, this oil is renowned for its sweet and deeply rich aroma, known for being good at improving sleep quality and promoting relaxation.

Wild Fig & Pink Cedar

The Grace Cole Wild Fig & Pink Cedar fragrance collection contains a cleansing blend of cedarwood oil along with patchouli oil to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and space. Both oils promote emotional balance and ground the mind and body to create a relaxing environment.

Grapefruit, Lime & Mint

The Grace Cole Grapefruit, Lime & Mint fragrance collection contains a reviving blend of essential oils to refresh and invigorate your mood. Peppermint oil, a powerful antioxidant  is combined with soothing clary sage oil, to bring a refreshing and rejuvenating aroma into the atmosphere. 


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