To make you feel pampered and special every single day
To fill your world with exquisite and affordable bath and body treats
To scent your skin and home with stunning fragrances
To give you a moment of grown-up glamour

    This is my promise to you

    They're the same hopes and goals I had in 2007 when I sat at my kitchen table, dreaming up a brand of luxury bath and beauty products that were both aspirational and affordable.
    The idea for Grace Cole began while working for a beauty gifting company: everything was produced abroad, and the market was saturated with expensive - but uninspiring - products. I knew I could deliver a beauty brand made right here in England, bursting with decadence and indulgent touches such as gorgeous packaging and delicious fragrances. Years of hard work and passion have been flooded into Grace Cole, and I'm thrilled to say my hopes and goals have now become a reality.
    During this wonderful journey, we have embraced English manufacture whilst building precious relationships with home-grown suppliers. It is my mission to continue this movement to deliver the very best of English luxury all over the world.  
    My final promise to you: when you enter the world of Grace Cole, you will feel empowered, beautiful, confident and inspired. And I can't wait to hear about it! Email me directly at and share your favourite fragrances, your most loved products and your own moments of grown-up glamour.
    Because we all deserve to feel pampered and special every single day.

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