Wrap with Love: Embracing Furoshiki for Sustainable Gift-Giving

Wrap with Love: Embracing Furoshiki for Sustainable Gift-Giving

At Grace Cole, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our daily practices to embrace the festive season. This Christmas, consider choosing an eco-friendly approach to gift wrapping by using the ancient Japanese tradition of Furoshiki.

But what exactly is Furoshiki and how can it elevate your gift-giving experience?

Rooted in Japanese culture, Furoshiki employs techniques akin to origami and has been historically employed for transporting belongings and presenting gifts. While fabric wrapping is not unique to Japanese culture, Furoshiki stands out with its original style, emphasising beauty, functionality, and thoughtful details in everyday living. By gifting your loved ones something wrapped in Furoshiki, you not only express love but also showcase your creativity and environmental consciousness.

How to Wrap:

  1. Place the gift diagonally in the centre of the cloth.
  2. Tie two opposite corners into a centre knot; tuck in long ends if necessary.
  3. Tuck any untidy edges into the cloth folds.

Start your wrapping early and share your beautiful Furoshiki creations with us by tagging @gracecoleltd on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page. Embrace the art of mindful gifting this festive season!

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