CEO promise

In 2007 I founded Grace Cole from my kitchen table. My mission was to produce premium bath and beauty products that everyone would not only aspire to own, but could afford to own. My mission has not only been achieved, but unbelievably exceeded. With our collection of Daily Care and Gift Collections, Grace Cole has gone from strength to strength in its short lifetime. I’m proud to say that our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed either and we have been awarded many business, enterprise and product awards for our achievements.

One of Grace Cole’s brand values has always been to support other small, local and national companies. As a UK brand ourselves we endeavour to manufacture as many of our products here in the UK, and with the success of our daily care products we were constantly being challenged on production times and delivery dates. With these difficulties in mind, combined with our own genuine desire to drive both the local and national economy, we set about fulfilling a new company mission, to bring manufacturing back to the UK. Our ambitions of achieving this have now started to extend from our daily care to our gift ranges and we will continue on the mission until as many of our products are manufactured in the UK as is feasibly possible.

The Grace Cole collections can now be found in over 80 countries worldwide, and with our continued growth plans our reach will only extend further. New untouched territories will soon be able to proudly sell our global brand.

So, my promise to you…… You’ll have hassle free ordering via our new and improved website (plus we are only at the end of a phone if you do need us), your order will be delivered as quickly as you choose, and when it does arrive you’ll love using it and won’t want it to ever run out! If we fail to achieve this then we will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible. So, if you love our products as much as we do, then please do let me know. Email me and tell me all the great things that you love about Grace Cole, however if this is not the case then I would also really love to hear what you feel we could do better. Any feedback, positive or negative is always useful to hear, simply email me direct at or go to Contact Us.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tracy Mort