Top Tips for Healing Gardener's Hands

Are your blooms looking lovely but your hands suffering for it?  The hands of a dedicated gardener can go through an awful lot while pruning, potting and planting.  Follow our top tips for soft, smooth hands.

Invest in some gardening gloves
A good pair of gardening gloves will save your lovely hands from gardening problems like cuts and dry skin. A top tip is to apply some hand cream before popping on your gloves to give your hands an intensive hydration session while you're busy.

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Get a moisturising hand wash
When your hands are filthy and covered in a few hours' worth of soil, it's very tempting to reach for the harsh soap. Rather than using one that'll strip your skin of even more moisture, look for a rich and creamy hand wash with essential oils.

If you've got a build-up of dirt under and around your nails, place some cleansing hand wash in water to create your very own hand soak – it'll loosen everything while you relax in the fragrant floral aroma.

Grace Cole Floral Hand Wash is perfect to lift garden dirt and will cleanse and moisturise at the same time, £6.00 for 500ml

Hand cream is essential
Every time you wash your hands, follow up with a rich, moisturising hand lotion.  Hands can become dehydrated, especially if you're regularly busy in the garden.  Regular use of a luxury cream like Grace Cole Hand Lotion, £6.00 for 500ml will leave skin supple, smooth and softly scented.

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