Top Tips for Better Skin

We all realise the importance of looking after our skin, but which particular skin and body care products should we use, and what are the benefits? Our beauty experts guide you through their top tips for all over body and skin care, and why a touch of luxury in your daily body care ritual can improve both mind and body.

 #1 Be gentle on yourself

Whether you ease yourself into the day with a bath or a wake-me-up shower, treat your skin gently. Reject products that are harsh or over-cleanse, as these will dry out your skin and make it feel uncomfortable. Instead opt for effective cleaning with carefully balanced products that clean and moisturise. Our Soothing Bath & Shower Gel has a mild cleaning formula and rich, moisturising lather, but what you’ll really love is the explosion of opulent scent that lingers long after the lather has gone.

#2 Exfoliate for longer

Using an exfoliating scrub cleans and polishes your skin, revealing a more radiant you. For the best results, apply with a gentle touch and keep using it for a little longer, and the results will be so much better. Our Radiance Body Scrub will polish your skin to perfection with a combination of eco-friendly biodegradable beads and a burst of delicate scent with every use.

#3 Rinse well

Make sure you rinse your skin well after using a cleansing product. While the gorgeous scent may linger (and with Grace Cole’s boutique body care range, it certainly does!), your skin should be clean and ready for your skin care ritual to begin. Always pat your skin dry after a bath or a shower, rather than rubbing hard with a towel. Rubbing wet skin vigorously can cause damage. If you enjoy the sensation of a warm bath towel rubbing your back, for example, just wait until your skin is dry and use a second, dry towel.

#4 Keep it light

When thinking of post-cleansing body care, always start light. Apply light products with active ingredients first, then thicker or creamier products afterwards. Using thicker, creamier products first will simply prevent the active ingredients of the light product reaching your skin. Our lovely lightweight luxury Body Lotion is a silky-smooth lotion that sinks in within seconds. Your skin will be touchable soft and delicately scented throughout your day.

#5 Moisturise every day

Daily moisturising is the most effective way of maintaining radiant, beautiful and healthy skin. After all, you have almost 2 square metres of skin to care for and keep feeling lovely! Moisturising your skin helps restore the natural layer of water and lipids, known as the hydrolipidic film, that covers and protects your outer layer of skin. Body butter helps restore the natural oils in your skin, stimulates your skin to produce collagen to restore natural skin plumpness, and nourishes the skin to prevent drying out. Our luxurious Body Butter combines the benefits of deep moisturising with the enjoyment of head to toe smoothness.

#6 Soak and relax

What better way to unwind at the end of a long day than in a relaxing bath, the bathroom filled with gorgeous scent and the bubbles reaching almost to your nose! Soaking away the stress of the day is a treat for your skin too, reducing the production of acne-inducing hormones and promoting better oxygen flow. So, whether you choose a Relaxing Bath Soak or Foam Bath from Grace Cole, you’ll feel your troubles float away, happy in the knowledge that you’re taking care of your skin too.

#7 And so to bed

Your evening skincare routine should be a moment of pure ‘me’ time that helps you relax and unwind. What isn’t so relaxing is remembering skin care after you’ve pulled up the duvet! Keep a small travel case of your skin care products by your bedside, and be soothed to sleep with smoothed skin and subtle scents. Choose from four signature scents with the Elegant Touch travel hand and nail cream box. Or choose our Luxury Travel Essentials pouch and keep four key skincare care items always to hand. (And, of course, pre-packed for that spontaneous weekend away!)