The Summer Body Edit

It’s not unfair to say that many of us ramp up our skin and body routines in the run up to summer. With the longer days, (slightly!) warmer weather and the lure of summer beach holidays, we reckon it’s about time you start prepping your skin for the coming months of bronzed limbs and summer sandals.

Summer is literally around the corner and you need to start thinking about all those day-to-day essentials and your skin routine for full on fabulous and to-the-max glamour.  Start your routine now to get your skin healthy, glowing and ready to bare.

If you are on a shopping mission to find the perfect products, check out these daily essentials from the Grace Cole Collection, all of which are £8 and under.

Cleanse - Bath & Shower Gel

Whether you have a long, languid hour or a speedy 10 minutes for bathroom me-time, this soothing Bath & Shower Gel feels and looks utterly divine with it’s mild-yet-effective cleansing formula, exquisite bottle and explosion of opulent scent.  The rich, moisturising lather emits the most delicious perfume onto your skin, leaving your senses revived and relaxed, whichever fragrance you choose.

Polish - Body Scrub

Next up, gentle exfoliation.  Envelop your skin in our magnificent spa-in-a-tube radiance Body Scrub which polishes in the most divine way, using gentle beads to reveal a soft canvas of glowing skin.  At once, invigorating and stimulating, our formula releases a stunning burst of delicate scent, completing a beautiful ritual for mind, body and soul.  Striving to protect the environment from unnecessary pollutants, the buffing grains inside every tube are made of biodegradable eco beads.

Glow - Body Butter

Unctuous, rich and full on fabulous, our luxurious Body Butter is so moreish and addictive you’ll want to use it every day.  Combining deep moisture with a think, smooth texture in an elegant tube, we guarantee by the time you’ve applied this top-to-toe you will feel completely blissed out.