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  • Spring Scents for Spring Activities

    Spring Scents for Spring Activities

    With winter finally on its way out it’s time to celebrate the fresh spring air. The woody and musky accents of wintery fragrances can be replaced with light and fresh botanical scents. A light and airy scent will leave you feeling bright and breezy until the Summer sunshine is here to stay.

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  • Easy Bathroom Style Hacks and Ideas

    Easy bathroom style hacks Make your bathroom Instagram ready with our seven easy top tips. If there’s one room that deserves a little luxury and extra attention, that’s your bathroom. Create a room you will be proud of showing off to your guests when they’re visiting. Bring the outside in...
  • Bathe the Way you Feel

    Bathe the Way You Feel Taking an hour out of your day to purely pamper yourself is important. Leave the smart phone alone, pour a cup of tea or glass of wine, turn on your favourite playlist and embrace the feeling. Taking a bath can soothe away the stresses, both...
  • Body Mists - Ways to Use Them

    Body mists provide a thin layer of hydration to the skin without overburdening.  Body Mists are by nature a much lighter scent than a perfume and due to the chemical composition of body mists, they evaporate quickly on the skin.  Here are a few Grace Cole techniques which you could...
  • How to keep your hands soft during the winter months

      Winter has officially arrived. Scarves, hats and winter coats are the order of the day and mulled wine, hot cider and mince pies are keeping you warm. As cosy as the indoors can be during winter, the extremes of the outdoors can wreak havoc on your skin, especially your...

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