Make Someone Smile

Here at Grace Cole, we believe that every woman deserves to have a bit of glamour in their day. For over 10 years, our experts have been working round the clock to create the most sumptuous fragrances that help put the sparkle into daily life. Whether it’s an indulgent soak in a steamy hot bath, a glamorous night out with the girls or a pampering day at the spa, we want women to be able to wash away the stresses of life and enjoy a moment of glamour.

Here are a few of our favourite fragrances to inject some Grace Cole sparkle.

The Red-Carpet Fragrance

Our show stopping fragrance, Vanilla Blush & Peony is the ultimate spritz for that red-carpet moment. The flirtatious yet pretty florals of jasmine and peony brings you an essence of sparkle and confidence. Whilst the luxurious heart of warm vanilla complemented by a sensual woody base, helps you stand out from the crowd and capture the excitement and glamour of the moment.


Reviving and Rejuvenating Fragrance

This uplifting fragrance of vibrant Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit is bursting with zesty grapefruit and succulent nectarine, helping to revive and re-energise no matter how tough your day has been.


The Perfect ‘Me Time’ Fragrance 

Light some candles, turn on the music, immerse yourself in a hot bath and enjoy the soothing scents of Orchid, Amber and Incense. This supremely comforting and tranquil fragrance is ideal for a luxurious session of pampering and relaxing. Indulge in decadent amber and a hint of incense combined with the inviting warmth of orchid, spiced with sultry musk and seductive cedarwood.