The Key To Keeping Hands Healthy This Winter

Winter takes its toll on your skin, and so often it’s our hands that suffer the most. From the drying effects of cold winds to sanitising your hands to protect yourself from seasonal germs, the skin on your hands can quickly become cracked, dry and show visible signs of ageing.

The key to healthy hands

Hands that are hydrated are healthy hands. Frequent hand washing, exposure to drying winds, or use of antibacterial hand gels strip our skin of the essential oils that keep the skin supple, and retain the moisture required. If your hands are cracked, scaly, dry or rough, the culprit is very likely to be lack of moisture.

To keep your hands properly hydrated, use a hand cream immediately after washing your hands. This will replace the lost moisture and help the skin retain it better. Pop a pump bottle of our Softening Hand Lotion beside every sink in your home - in the bathroom, downstairs loo, utility room, and workshop, for instant at-hand moisturising and a sophisticated, long-lasting fragrance.

Protection for hard-working hands

Taking care of your hands at work and while enjoying your hobbies can ensure they remain youthful-looking and lovely to touch. Wear protective gloves whenever possible to protect skin from cuts, abrasions, dirt and exposure to chemicals. If you love gardening, replace your gloves frequently, or wear a pair of thin synthetic latex surgical gloves under your main work gloves to keep your hands cleaner.

Once the job is done, gently wash your hands in warm, not hot water, to retain more of your natural skin oils. Our Cleansing Hand Wash adds a touch of elegance to every hand wash, releasing a hit of gorgeous scent whilst gently cleaning your hands with a rich, indulgent-feeling foam.

Nourish your nails

Your nails can also get dehydrated, so make sure you give them some TLC too! Gently massage hand and nail cream into your nails and cuticles at least twice a day, and smooth nail tips with a professional quality nail file. Our rich and deliciously softening Hand & Nail Creams are ideal for all-day hand care, the perfect size for your handbag, car glove compartment, office desk drawer, gym bag, dog-walking jacket pocket, tack room or toolbox!

Night-time hand care

This is a beauty secret straight from the world’s most exclusive supermodels - the hand models that wear the world’s most expensive jewellery! Top hand models always apply hand cream at night, and sleep wearing light cotton gloves to keep their skin supple, soft and diamond-ready radiant. It’s a simple tip that is remarkably effective, so keep a travel-size tube of our hand cream by your bedside whether at home or on your travels. Our Elegant Touch hand care set contains four luxurious hand and nail creams in four signature fragrances, so you can choose the optimum scent for your night-time mood!

Skin care everywhere

In our busy lives, it’s so easy to feel rushed and neglect our skin care after washing, simply because there is not the right product to hand. With our Indulgent Hand Care Duo, every family bathroom, guest bathroom, downstairs cloakroom and kitchen sink can have gloriously scented hand wash and a rich, moisturising hand cream within easy reach. And with eight signature fragrances to choose from, and seasonal special editions, you can have a different scent at every sink and hand basin.

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