How to keep your hands soft during the winter months


Winter has officially arrived. Scarves, hats and winter coats are the order of the day and mulled wine, hot cider and mince pies are keeping you warm. As cosy as the indoors can be during winter, the extremes of the outdoors can wreak havoc on your skin, especially your hands. Dry, chapped and scaly hands are all too familiar in winter. Here are Grace Cole’s top five hand care tips for better skin care this winter.

  1. Moisturise after washing your hands

It’s easy to forget to moisturise after washing your hands but this is one of the main causes of dryness,as water gets rid of lots of natural oils which can leave your hands dry and dehydrated. To give your hands the treatment they deserve, invest in a set of luxury hand soaps and hand creams. Grace Cole’s Boutique Luxury Hand Care Duo in Nectarine Blossom & Grapefruit includes a rich, fragrant hand wash and a soothing hand and nail cream enriched with Vitamin E, honey and mandarin, a perfect touch of luxury for everyday use but pretty enough that you’ll want to have it on show in your bathroom.

  1. Keep miniatures on your desk or in your bag

We’re all busy, on the go from dawn til’ dusk. This is why it’s important to carry hand cream with you wherever you go, on your desk at the office or in your purse when you travel. Grace Cole’s 50ml Softening Hand and Nail Cream is the ideal solution, fitting easily into your bag so there’s no excuse not to give your hands the care they need.

  1. Wear gloves

Gloves are a great accessory and are not only a fashionable complement to any outfit, but offer unbeatable protection against the winter chill. Treat yourself to a new a pair or dig out your favourites whether they’re patterned and woolly, leather driving gloves or fluffy sheepskin for the perfect winter look while taking good care of your mitts.

  1. Apply lotion first thing in the morning

As soon as you wake up, gently massage some rich lotion into potential dry spots such as the knuckles, nail beds, cuticles and elbows. The beautifully scented hand lotions and hand creams are a true winter treat, and your newly smooth hands will leave you ready to face the day.

  1. Moisturize before bed and put cotton gloves on while you sleep

A good night’s sleep can work wonders for your soul, but also on your hands. Layer your hands with moisturizer before bed, then tuck them into some comfy cotton gloves - this provides a nourishing cream bath for winter-worn hands. Grace Cole’s Luxury Hand and Nail Cream from its Boutique range is infused with White Nectarine and Pear and will leave your hands softer than ever with a luxurious smell. Put it on your bedside table and let the lotion do the skin care whilst you sleep.