Easy Bathroom Style Hacks and Ideas

Easy bathroom style hacks

Make your bathroom Instagram ready with our seven easy top tips. If there’s one room that deserves a little luxury and extra attention, that’s your bathroom.

Create a room you will be proud of showing off to your guests when they’re visiting.

  1. Bring the outside in

One or two potted plants will bring freshness and air to your bathroom. A simple Bamboo or Aloe Vera plant will be easy to look after and will introduce natural yet impactful shapes to your bathroom. These plants will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen giving you added health benefits. A white or wicker planter will keep the focus on the plant without becoming too fussy or old fashioned.

  1. Roll your towels

Give your bathroom a spa-like chicness – roll your towels rather than stacking them. Placed in a pretty basket or wooden box, you’re not only saving space but also making your bathroom feel divine and luxurious, leaving you in a relaxed frame of mind whenever you’re prepping for a pamper.

If you have guests staying, a great rule of thumb is to leave two soft bath towels or sumptuously-sized bath sheets and one hand towel per guest.

  1. Matching products

We know scents can do wonders for your wellbeing so choose a luxurious range you love. You’ll feel great whether washing, bathing or moisturising in a familiar fragrance and the matching products will add stylish sophistication to any bathroom.  Try our Grace Cole Body Care Duos

  1. Use reflections to create an illusion of more space

Make your bathroom mirror as big as possible. Choose a mirror which fills the wall if you can, this is a simple trick which will increase the amount of light bouncing around your bathroom. This also increases the visibility for all the pampering you will be doing in there, and gives brilliant lighting for those Instagram snaps!

  1. A little touch of luxury

Lighting candles in the bathroom can provide ambient lighting and beautiful calming scents. Always be careful not to leave candles unattended, and if the candle is small enough pop it in a jar for additional safety.

  1. Add subtle colours

It’s likely your bathroom is decorated in shades of white or grey. Keep things monochrome with white bath care products, or add hints of colour. A contrasting colour to your towels will add depth, or choose warm matching tones for relaxing bath times.

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