5 Minute Beauty Tips for those in a Hurry

Mornings can be a wild rush of getting the kids ready for school, squeezing in a gym session before work or dashing to the car as quickly as possible to beat the rush hour commute.
Being busy shouldn’t mean your skin should suffer, and beautiful skin shouldn’t take hours to achieve. Taking five minutes out of your day to give your body and skin a little attention will make you feel good and radiate confidence.

Be prepared

Keep your most essential products out on your dressing table or bathroom side. Put the products you don’t use as often away in a storage box. Less clutter and options will give you less to think about when getting ready. Digging through multiple products will only slow you down.

Bed time ritual

Keep hand lotion next to your bedside and apply before going to sleep every evening. The lotion will be absorbed while you sleep and you will soon be one dream away from soft and smooth hands.


As soon as you have jumped out of your morning shower, cover yourself in indulgent body lotion and let this dry whilst you’re blow drying your hair or applying your make-up. By the time your hair and face are looking perfect, the lotion will be dry ready for you to get dressed. Then all you need to do is throw on your favourite outfit and head off to own the day!

A set of Grace Cole Indulgent Body Care Duos will give you a refreshing shower and lasting fresh fragrance.

Bold lips

If time is limited for your make-up regime simply apply a tinted moisturiser, a flick of mascara and your most fierce and favourite lipstick. A vibrant red or a bold mauve will leave you feeling powerful and ready to make an impact.

Clever cleansing

Use a foaming facial wash; this brilliant combination will not only cleanse your skin of impurities and sweep away excess oil but will also tighten your pores and leave your face glowing and ready for a dash of moisturiser  – a perfect start especially if you’re staying natural and having a make-up free day.

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