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  • Travel Light - body products to pack!

    Are you the type of person who gets into such a flap about going through airport security? Do you panic that they will not have a plastic bag for you to pop your in-flight cosmetics in and that you won't be able to take them on-board with you?

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    When we hop in the shower, most of us have a variety of body and skin care products lined up around the edge of the shower cubicle.  But amongst all of those products, do you have what you would class as a ‘good’ body scrub? An essential for maintaining healthy, smooth skin, body scrubs are a must-have for your body care ritual. The combination of cleansing, exfoliation and massage provides benefits that go far beyond what a bar of soap can do.

    Read on to learn how a body scrub can improve your skin’s health and become a satisfying, spa-like body care ritual. Plus, tips on choosing the best product for you and how to properly use a scrub to give your skin the invigorating rubdown it deserves.

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  • The Summer Body Edit

    It’s not unfair to say that many of us ramp up our skin and body routines in the run up to summer. With the longer days, (slightly!) warmer weather and the lure of summer beach holidays, we reckon it’s about time you start prepping your skin for the coming months of bronzed limbs and summer sandals.

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  • Niamh Robinson heads out to the Gold Coast

    Grace Cole is proud to have sponsored Niamh for several years now and we are delighted that she has made it to the Commonwealth Games 2018 held on the Gold Coast, Australia. Before Niamh jetted out to Australia with the Isle of Man swim team, we had a rare opportunity...

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