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  • Share Your Grace Cole Moment Of Glamour

    Share your Grace Cole moment of glamour on social media using #GCGlamourMoment for the chance to win a superb, indulgent prize each month.

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  • The Key To Keeping Hands Healthy This Winter

    Winter takes its toll on your skin, and so often it’s our hands that suffer the most. From the drying effects of cold winds to sanitising your hands to protect yourself from seasonal germs, the skin on your hands can quickly become cracked, dry and show visible signs of ageing.

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  • Top Tips for Better Skin

    We all realise the importance of looking after our skin, but which particular skin and body care products should we use, and what are the benefits? Our beauty experts guide you through their top tips for all over body and skin care, and why a touch of luxury in your daily body care ritual can improve both mind and body.

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  • Make Someone Smile

    Here at Grace Cole, we believe that every woman deserves to have a bit of glamour in their day. For over 10 years, our experts have been working round the clock to create the most sumptuous fragrances that help put the sparkle into daily life. Whether it’s an indulgent soak in a steamy hot bath, a glamorous night out with the girls or a pampering day at the spa, we want women to be able to wash away the stresses of life and enjoy a moment of glamour.

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  • Our Top 5 Fragrance Flashbacks

    This year National Fragrance Day is focusing on #ScentMemories, we have listed the top 5 fragrance flashbacks. The way fragrance makes someone feel is at the core of Grace Cole.

    It may be a specific perfume, the smell of blossoms from a childhood memory or a fruity smell reminiscent of a previous home. Whatever smell is evoked, it is wonderful that a few small molecules being inhaled can trigger such vivid/positive thoughts. Why does this happen? After a smell enters the nose, it travels through a nerve which helps the brain process smells. This specific nerve is part of the emotional center of the brain, which is directly linked to an area of the brain which plays a role in emotional memories. This close relationship is one of the reasons odours spark strong nostalgia.

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