From a fiery desire to create, inspire and empower; Grace Cole was born. Taking on an industry in need of new depths. We set out to stir something a little deeper.

Uniquely thrilling fragrance combinations and luxuriously indulgent beauty products are the face of our purpose. While a celebration of passion, confidence and feminine flair make up the whole Grace Cole package.

Crafted from determined beginnings and proudly standing apart by producing in the UK, our products hold so much more than just the most alluring physical benefits. They add a touch of everyday indulgence. Paying attention to the finest little things, from the delicate ingredients to package design, they hold the key to each woman’s very own story.

In defeating adversity and pledging to make a real difference, we are proud of how far we have come. Excited by how far we still look to go.

We invite women everywhere to define their own power. To embrace and engage with their beautiful potential and to Own Every Day.